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Real Estate in Toronto, Sold Statistical Summary on Nov 1st, 2018


Central Toronto

MunicipalityActiveSold / MonthSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto C01623154247$790,544$732,658
Toronto C021465663$1,873,000$1,487,094
Toronto C03772401$829,000$1,459,972
Toronto C041812608$1,864,000$1,789,518
Toronto C06752263$605,000$817,191
Toronto C073181828$625,000$870,175
Toronto C0826381582$598,875$719,340
Toronto C09570214-$2,025,195
Toronto C10781517$549,000$940,090
Toronto C11741319$1,500,000$944,946
Toronto C121601216$2,280,000$2,499,754
Toronto C131462510$712,500$938,600
Toronto C1431451154$724,600$781,658
Toronto C1531661149$469,667$711,167

East Toronto - Scarborough


MunicipalityActiveSold / MonthSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto E01642572$619,950$988,153
Toronto E02612505$642,000$1,079,082
Toronto E031262708$895,000$937,127
Toronto E041563742$763,333$597,258
Toronto E051720593-$618,843
Toronto E06861253$693,600$895,727
Toronto E071723614$670,000$575,956
Toronto E081141454$275,000$731,927
Toronto E091357777$541,757$540,330
Toronto E101213439$829,000$730,686
Toronto E111140524-$546,690


West Toronto


MunicipalityActiveSold / MonthSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto W01610501-$993,077
Toronto W02788653$826,563$981,277
Toronto W03963458$740,633$725,378
Toronto W041683662$595,333$628,901
Toronto W052413909$645,000$554,117
Toronto W0627251249$532,400$706,350
Toronto W07362257$1,849,750$1,196,218
Toronto W0828541285$1,252,750$893,088
Toronto W09924371$585,000$714,968
Toronto W101441641$572,000$498,674
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