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Real Estate in Toronto, Sold Statistical Summary on July 4,2018


Toronto Central

MunicipalityActiveSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto C016892603$768,828$717,724
Toronto C02164386$1,644,200$1,466,519
Toronto C0392243$1,580,000$1,479,514
Toronto C04190351$2,100,857$1,764,723
Toronto C0677158$719,150$844,744
Toronto C07300502$900,875$887,531
Toronto C08245980$766,893$723,047
Toronto C0944147$1,268,000$2,004,981
Toronto C1075348$859,700$936,824
Toronto C1149196$420,000$934,357
Toronto C12148123$947,500$2,552,614
Toronto C13136320$745,000$923,807
Toronto C14374682$556,100$780,230
Toronto C15351686$615,914$701,860

Toronto East, Scarborough


MunicipalityActiveSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto E0153322$852,333$990,657
Toronto E0262336$1,043,365$1,070,360
Toronto E03124435$901,000$966,398
Toronto E04145435$418,750$582,712
Toronto E05170350$629,350$606,009
Toronto E0675150$815,000$933,310
Toronto E07182344$458,500$560,828
Toronto E08119263$560,020$733,626
Toronto E09178427$546,545$534,777
Toronto E10134241$683,042$741,531
Toronto E1191310$761,833$538,353


Toronto West


MunicipalityActiveSold / YearAvg$ / MonthAvg$ / Year
Toronto W0162316$505,000$993,027
Toronto W0279394$971,975$971,381
Toronto W03101241$760,000$719,625
Toronto W04188365$574,625$618,294
Toronto W05264519$615,967$544,275
Toronto W06299737$629,577$697,616
Toronto W0737162$1,065,750$1,206,259
Toronto W08256802$1,251,727$917,389
Toronto W09100228$842,000$702,272
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Toronto Real Estate Agent

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