Buying a house

Purchasing a new home is an emotional and financial decision is quite crucial when you want to buy a home, but the process of buying a home doesn’t have to be formidable and that is why the east realtors are here to guide and ensure you are informed properly with our home buying tips to confidently guide you through the process of buying that desired dream home.

These simple home buying tips will give a guide through the process of buying a house:


Advanced financial preparations

Lenders would definitely scrutinize all your debts, income credit score and down payment which would take almost 6 months to a year or thereabouts in the process of purchasing your desired house in Toronto, so it is quite necessary to get your credit statement and make sure to pay down your credit card and loan balances as well as correcting errors if any to hasten up the process.


Determine Your Position

There are several questions we have to ask to ascertain if we are in the right position to be a homeowner and such questions are: how much down payment can you afford as well as taxes, utilities, mortgage and more? do you have a stable job? Within the next few years, how soon may your needs change? Do you plan on starting a family? Would there be any need for work relocation?


Mortgage pre-approval

Once you pre-qualify for that mortgage, the next step is immediately making an offer while knowing your financial worth when you find that dream home. While determining your down payment, it is quite important to know that the pre-approval would be in writing stating that there would be a guaranteed interest rate which would be valid for 90-120 days. The only way your monthly mortgage payment can be lowered is if large deposits are made in the initial stage. Finding out the most competitive amount and rate you would have to interview several mortgage brokers and banks of which I can give you the contact of lenders that are credible and qualified on inquiry.


Advice from Juvan

Protecting your investment as a house buyer, you would need a realtor who would guide and negotiate on your behalf with all manner of integrity. the There are loads of benefits contracting me such as: Choosing your community , Experienced on complex clauses in purchase offers, Access to private listings and brokers version of the MLS (the public version has a delay in updates) , Trained and experienced in negotiation tactics and multiple offer situations , Informing and teaching you on all aspects of the closing process and Avoiding overpay for clients through our knowledge of the homes current value . It is quite important to find that neighborhood that brings to you the type of lifestyle you desire both now and in the future and Toronto is a city which you can choose various types of the desired neighborhood and select your community as well as your home. Try considering researching transportation alternatives, recreational activities, proximity to shopping, health services, green spaces and dining activities in your desired environment. Make sure to visit the environment during the day and evening. My experience with several environments, communities, and neighborhood, will adequately provide you with all necessary information.


Screening Potential Homes

While buying a house, a very important step to consider is determining features that the house must possess as well as how flexible you are about those features. These would entail the yard space, bedroom and washroom numbers, how old the house is, distance to commute and many more. Seeing all the desired features in the house you want to buy would save you a lot of time and also not to forget considering your future lifestyle.


Home Inspection

A home inspection is quite necessary and advisable while buying a house resale. Checks and inspections are done on cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, foundation and roofing, and important of all the structure of the home that is visible to identify areas that require repairs or changes estimating the costs all done by a professional inspector which if required will provide you with professional and credible home inspectors.


Purchase Offers and Negotiations

After finding that perfect home the next step to take is presenting an offer to the seller for purchase including conditions, price, deposit, and closing date. The seller would thereafter send a counteroffer, accept or reject the offer made. There may be a multiple offer situation considering a highly desired property. With years of experience as a realtor who has closed multiple house deals in Toronto, winning that desired house price negotiation with that professional offer draft is one of my major expertise also.


Legal Representation

Your home purchase generally requires hiring a real estate lawyer for all legal elements such as fraud and standard legal categories like taxes, liens, and registered title searches; all you need is a real estate lawyer that is qualified for all categories of the procedure to ensure a smooth process. Need a recommendation for a qualified lawyer all you need to do is contact the East realtors whom would give you one of Toronto’s most qualified and professional real estate lawyer.


Closing the Deal

Once all requirements and conditions stated above have been concluded and fulfilled, the property ownership, as well as possession of the property, take up to 30-60 days after the offer was accepted. Also make sure to subscribe to a property insurance plan which is usually required on the closing day, so that advancement of funds won’t be carried out by the bank until this requirement is fulfilled Buying a house.